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Check me out on my friend and author Susane Colasanti's blog as she recounts our recent day of frozen yogurt tasting in the village: http://windowlight.livejournal.com/

And check out her site at: www.susanecolasanti.com

Carolyn Turgeon is an author and friend of mine who wrote a review of KLEPTO on her blog. Check it out here:
· carolynturgeon.blogspot.com

Check out these sites of other cool authors who write novels for teens:
· www.girlwise.com

· www.jenniferroy.com

· www.maryrosewood.com

· www.laurabowers.net

· www.karleenbradford.com

· www.Dottienderle.com

· www.CandieMoonShower.com

· www.sarahbethdurst.com

· http://www.ericluper.com/

· http://www.caetherinestine.com/

To check out any book go to:
· www.ibookdb.net

Another place to check out reviews (KLEPTO will be there eventually):
· www.teenreviewer.blogspot.com

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